Infrastructure Surtax Committee Meeting Update

The Infrastructure Surtax Citizens Oversight Committee meets quarterly in Conference Room 3 of the Roger Poitras Administration Annex, located at 2300 Virginia Ave, Fort Pierce. Click here for the meeting schedule

The Public will be able to submit questions and comments electronically by visiting the following THIS LINK. Comments received electronically will be distributed to the Board in advance of the meeting and included in the record provided that the comments comply with the County’s rules. All electronic comments must be received by noon on the day prior to the County meeting.

NOTICE: All Proceedings before this Board are electronically recorded. Any person who decides to appeal any action taken by the Board at these meetings will need a record of the proceedings and for such purpose may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made. Upon the request of any party to the proceedings, individuals testifying during a hearing will be sworn in. Any party to the proceedings will be granted the opportunity to cross-examine any individual testifying during a hearing upon request. Anyone with a disability requiring accommodation to attend this meeting should contact the Human Resources Department at (772) 462-1546, or TDD (772) 462-1428 at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the meeting.


Created to review the County’s expenditures of Surtax proceeds to be used for the financing, planning, constructing, reconstructing, renovating and improving of our needed infrastructure. 

Created By

Resolution 2018-240

Membership Details

  • We are currently taking applications for this board. Interested parties, please visit our Advisory Board home page and click on the application link.
  • The Committee shall consist of nine (9) members and one (1) alternate. All members
    shall have the following qualifications:
    •  A member shall be a resident of St. Lucie County
    • One member shall be appointed by each member of the BCC
    • Four members shall be appointed at large with one at-large member from Fort
      Pierce and one at-large member from Port St. Lucie
    • At-large members shall serve a term of four years
    • Members shall not be elected officials or County staff members
    • Consideration should be given to applicants to the Committee that have a
      background in engineering, planning or finance.
  • The term of each member of the Committee appointed by an individual Board member
    shall coincide with the terms of the BCC member that appointed the member of the
  • Vacancies occurring for any reason during the term of office by a Committee Member
    shall be filled within ninety (90) days from the date of the vacancy.

Required for a Quorum

  • A quorum shall consist of no less than five (5) members.
  • Recommendations and decisions of the Committee shall be made by a majority vote of
    those present and voting.

Meetings Held

The meeting location has not yet been determined.

Is Financial Disclosure Required to Serve?


Board Liaison

Mark Satterlee
Deputy County Administrator • 772-462-1156

Board Coordinator

Leslie Smith
Sr. Office Operations Specialist •,772-462-2178


Board Members


Member                                           Appointed By                                     Term Expires                           
 Gayle Pike  At-Large    1/2023
 Kenneth Kroll  At-Large    1/2023
 Jeffrey Lyons  Commissioner Dzadovsky  11/2020
 Jayne Rowley  Commissioner Mitchell  11/2023
 Carolyn Niemczyk  Commissioner Bartz  11/2020
 Mike Monahan  Commissioner Hutchinson  11/2023
 Deborah Beutel  Commissioner Townsend  11/2020
 DJ Ferguson  At-Large Alternate    1/2023