13th Street Revitalization

Project Summary

The 13th Street Revitalization Project provides 2.20 miles of roadway reconstruction along this north-south arterial in Fort Pierce. This is a major city street and a federal-aid eligible road­way. The proposed project is divided into four phases begin­ning at Virginia Avenue to the south and extending northward to Avenue Q, traversing a large area of economically disadvan­taged neighborhoods. Improve­ments will include: drainage im­provements, roadway and side­walk construction. This project also includes signage, signaliza­tion, pavement markings, street lighting, and landscaping.

Project Benefits

Upon completion, the project will benefit underserved resi­dents in the area by providing safety upgrades such as side­walks for providing pedestrian connectivity; increased illumination from new street lighting; ADA compliant infrastructure; street calming devices to reduce the severity of traffic crash incidents.

The project’s economic development benefits include enhancement of transportation effective­ness in the corridor, thus, connecting numerous businesses (46), public school facilities (5), churches (12) and resi­dential homes (224). The improvements will facili­tate economic stimulation in the subject area which has been severely affected by the current economy.

Project Limits

Phase II – Georgia Ave. to Orange Ave.

Phase Ill – Ave. E to Ave. Q

Phase IV – Virginia Ave. to Georgia Ave.

Project Costs

Engineering: $1,145,869

Construction: $8,867,500

Ph 2: Engineering: $274,880 – Completed

Construction: $3,747,840 – Unfunded

Ph 3: Engineering: $236,445 – Completed

Construction: $2,510,200- Unfunded

Ph 4: Engineering: $262,349 – Unfunded

Construction: $3,747,800- Unfunded

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