17th Street Revitalization

Project Summary

These street improvements will provide complete roadway re­construction extending approxi­mately 0.37 miles. Classified by the Federal Highway Administra­tion as an Urban Major Collector roadway, the improvements will include drainage replacement, roadway and sidewalk recon­struction and the conversion of overhead utilities to under­ground. This project also in­cludes, signage, signalization, pavement markings, decorative street lighting and landscaping.

Project Benefits

Revitalization of this corridor which connects numerous busi­nesses, public school facilities, churches and residential homes is supported by residents, busi­ness leaders and local govern­ment. Lincoln Park Academy, a pubic academic magnet middle and high school, recognized as one of the top schools in the nation is located at the intersection of 17th Street and Avenue I, the terminus of this project. Vehicular access as well as a greater need for pe­destrian accessibility is crucial to the safety of school students, parents and visitors of the facility.

Project Limits

Orange Avenue north to Avenue I

Project Costs

Engineering: $375,965 – Completed

Construction: $1,457,181 – Unfunded

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