Cycle Street Pond Water Quality Project

Project Summary

The Cycle Street Pond Water Quality Project will provide additional stormwater storage and attenuation for a drainage basin of approximately 660 acres. Historically, the E-3 drainage basin has been prone to flooding. Most notable is the intersection of California Blvd and Savona Blvd adjacent to the Oak Hammock K-8 School.

To provide for the additional stormwater storage, attenuation and flood mitigation, the project consists of constructing approximately 9.6 acres of wet detention area (pond) adjacent the E-3 Canal. On the east side of the pond, there would be a berm between the pond and the Canal. During a storm event, the water would rise in the canal, eventually topping the berm, and then filling the pond with water thus providing the extra storage and flood mitigation for the drainage basin.

Project Benefits

  • Provide additional flood mitigation measures
  • Allow for safer vehicular access during storm events near the Oak Hammock K-8 School
  • Reduced discharges from the drainage basin into the North fork of the St. Lucie River
  • Will provide an additional 9.6 acres of wet detention
  • Reducing nutrient load of the stormwater before it leaves the City
  • >Reducing Nitrogen and Phosphorus levels entering the Indian River Lagoon
  • Reducing freshwater discharges and related negative impacts on the Indian River Lagoon
  • Provide enhanced aesthetics for the surrounding residential area

Project Costs

Engineering: $170,000.00

Construction: $2,480,000.00

No funds have been expended

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