Fort Pierce Road Resurfacing

Project Summary

An alarming high percentage of the City’s streets are in need of resurfacing and unfortunately several have reached the point of requiring total reconstruction. The amount of work varies widely between the 56 maintenance sections of the City. Several sections of the City have been resurfaced in the past ten years and require little or no improvements. While other sections of the City have not been resurfaced in the past twenty years or longer and require a substantial amount of work. A street condition report is maintained by the Engineering Department which lists the condition and the estimated cost of improvements. Currently there are 28.87 miles of roadway in “POOR” condition.

Project Benefits

Providing a safe, comfortable, and economical road surface is a major goal of the City of Fort Pierce. It requires balancing priorities and making difficult decisions in order to manage the City’s roadway network. The rate at which pavement deteriorates, depends on its environment, traffic volumes, loading conditions, original construction quality, and interim maintenance procedures. Timely and effective maintenance can extend the pavement’s life reducing costly replacement in the future.

Project Costs

Engineering: In‐house

Construction: $15,711,017 ‐ Unfunded

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