Georgia Avenue Basin Water Quality Improvements

Project Summary

This project is the proposed retro‐fitting of an uncontrolled 60” discharge pipe from a 217 acre urbanized drainage basin that discharges directly to the Indian River Lagoon. The project will entail construction of a control structure to regulate the discharge rate, the construction of two (2) nutrient separating baffle boxes on the two major inlets to the existing lake and the installation of natural rip‐rap stone and littoral plantings for erosion protection at the outfall canal.

Project Benefits

Project objectives are to control the discharge rate from the drainage basin and to improve the water quality of stormwater runoff to the Indian River Lagoon by providing best management practice elements to reduce Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorous and Total Suspended Solids.

Project Costs

Engineering: $105,000 ‐ Unfunded

Construction: $875,000 ‐ Unfunded

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