Harmony Heights

Project Summary

Harmony Heights is a 300+ acre subdivision located in unincorporated St. Lucie County northwest of the City of Ft. Pierce. The subdivision is bounded to the north by the Ft. Pierce Farms Water Control District (FPFWCD) Canal No. 1, by 41St Street to the east, by South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) Canal No. 25 to the south and by Keen Road to the west. The subdivision is located in T34S,R40E, Section 31.  A Stormwater Master Plan was developed for the area in 2003.  Surface water runoff patterns are generally from the central portion of the project area (Juanita Avenue) to both the north and south. Due to the lack of stormwater management infrastructure, stormwater generally builds up on the surface and flows into various depressional areas both adjacent to the roads and in rear-lot areas. These depressions sheet flow toward cross drain culverts and eventually into existing roadway swales that are more evident toward the northern and southern roadways. The swales eventually convey flow to 13 primary outfall structures that discharge into the two canal systems.  The Phase 1-B portion of the project includes approximately 20 acres and is bounded by Juanita Avenue to the South, Fort Pierce Farms Canal 1 to the North, N 43rd Street to the west, and N 41st Street to the east. New dry detention areas and stormwater infrastructure will be installed, and approximately 1.5 miles of roadway will be improved.

Project Benefits

The primary purpose of the project is stormwater discharge attenuation to reduce fresh water and stormwater pollutants, which currently flow untreated and outfall to the Indian River Lagoon.  The construction of dry detention areas, as well as installation of drainage and reconstruction of the roadways will improve the level of service for the residents of the neighborhood.  The project will reduce stormwater runoff from Harmony Heights subdivision into the SFWMD C-25 and FPFWCD-1 canal. 

Project Costs


Current Funding: $56,969

Unfunded Amount: $2,575,00