Veterans Memorial Stormwater

Project Summary

The Indian River Estates subdivision is a 1,300 acre residential neighborhood adjacent to the Savannas State Preserve.  This neighborhood was historically flood prone and heavy rain events caused water to overtop roadways and damage structures.  The County has completed construction of a pumpstation, stormwater force main and wet detention pond (Phase 1) as well as the backbone collection system for portions of the neighborhood (Phase 2).  These projects were able to be constructed by leveraging multiple federal and state grants to aid in capital construction allocation.  These two phases of construction significantly improved the drainage of much of the neighborhood.  Yet much work remains necessary.  Phase 3 of the Indian River Estates project  will seek to have accelerated and specific swale maintenance performed for blocks within the neighborhood, east of Silver Oak Drive.

Project Benefits

A continuation of the County’s investment to date; helping to address the poor drainage system and flooding concerns for the neighborhood.  Due to the proximity to the Savannas State Preserve, as well as a very high wet season water table, capture and treatment of stormwater is critical to the health of the natural system by preventing leaching of excess nutrients, sediments, and contaminants such as oil, grease, fertilizers and pesticides.

Project Costs

Total Cost – $4,150,000

Current Funding – $150,000

Unfunded Amount – $4,000,000