Lakewood Park

Project Summary

The Lakewood Park subdivision is one of the largest residential areas within unincorporated St. Lucie County and comprises approximately 1,700 acres.  In 1988, the neighborhood had drainage improvements performed utilizing the MSBU process.  Much of the original infrastructure installed in Lakewood Park has reached the end of its expected service life.  Many roadway cross drains have failed, canal outfall pipes have corroded, and inlets have become unserviceable.  The County would propose to replace significant portions of the drainage improvements, and make reasonable adjustments where sound engineering judgement deems them necessary. 

Project Benefits

An increase in level of service for drainage components to the residents of the neighborhood through the repair and replacement of County maintained infrastructure.  In addition, swale maintenance to remove siltation and blockages would allow for more efficient passage of stormwater runoff to receiving bodies.

Project Costs

$1,000,000 – unfunded