PSL Road Resurfacing

Project Summary

A citywide roadway inventory was conducted in 2015, which provided the asphalt condition of all the roads within the City. Since the inventory was completed, the City has been aggressively addressing the roads identified as “very poor” and “poor”. The City is now addressing streets in the “marginal” range. With 911 centerline miles of roadway within Port St. Lucie, the “fair” roadways quickly fall to “marginal” and the “marginal” fall to “poor”. With the current budget, it will not be possible to prevent this continued degradation. As a road falls into the “poor” and “very poor” categories, it is typically much more expensive to repair than a road still in the “fair” category. The additional funding will allow the City to repave roads before they need complete reconstruction, making it more economical to maintain its current condition.

Project Benefits

Providing a safe, comfortable, and economical road surface is a high priority for the City of Port St. Lucie. It requires balancing other priorities and making difficult decisions in order to manage the City’s roadway network with a limited budget. The rate at which pavement deteriorates depends on many factors, including its environment, traffic volumes, loading conditions, original construction quality, and interim maintenance procedures such as crack-sealing and rejuvenation. Timely and effective maintenance can extend the pavement’s life thus reducing costly replacement in the future. Lastly, a freshly paved roadway beautifies the neighborhood.

Project Costs

Engineering: In-House

Construction: $7,500,000 – Unfunded

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