San Lucie Subdivision

Project Summary

The San Lucie Plaza Subdivision comprises approximately 175 acres and about 250 homes located along the intersection of North 25th Street and St. Lucie Boulevard adjacent to and slightly upstream of the confluence of Ft. Pierce Farms Canal 1 and Taylor Creek.  A small portion of this area is located within the Taylor Creek floodplain.  The subdivision was platted in 1925 and began to develop in the 1960’s before State water quality regulations were developed.  The area has poor stormwater conveyances and no stormwater treatment or flood attenuation.  During rain events, stormwater containing sediments, nutrients, and contaminants such as oil, grease, fertilizers and pesticides outfalls directly into Canal 1 and Taylor Creek, which discharges into the Indian River Lagoon located approximately one-quarter mile downstream.  These pollutants are detrimental to the health of the area’s natural resources and the Indian River Lagoon.  Phase 2, in Basin 2 of the master drainage plan, is comprised of just under 27 acres and bounded by Seneca Ave to the west and Hugo Drive to the south.   The County has sufficient right-of-way to construct the necessary stormwater treatment areas, and fully designed and permitted plans, but lacks the funding necessary for construction of the improvements.

Project Benefits

The retrofit for this phase will include constructing a dry detention area adjacent to Taylor Creek, as well as installing  drainage and reconstructing the roadways.  Armoring of the Taylor Creek banks with rip-rap will aid in slope stability and ease of maintenance.  The proposed stormwater conveyances and treatment area will dramatically reduce discharge of untreated water and pollutants into the Indian River Lagoon.  In addition, the improved drainage and road surfaces will greatly reduce the necessary maintenance costs for the County.

Project Costs

Total Cost – $2,024.915

Current Funding – $24,915

Unfunded Amount – $2,000,000