Savannas - Indian Hills Recreation Trail Conection

Project Summary

A proposed joint project be‐ tween St. Lucie County and the City of Fort Pierce connecting the Savannas Recreation Area Trail to the south with the newly constructed Indian Hills Recreation Area to the north.  This proposed aerial crossing over an existing FEC rail spur will connect the 1.3 mile Savannas Trail with the 1.44 mile of trails to the north.  This connection and associated trials will ultimately become part of the Florida East Coast Greenway System.

Project Benefits

The proposed connection will be a vital link to this north/south corridor.  The trail system may increase and enhance multi-modal transportation, tourism, education, recreation,  health, physical fitness, and environ‐ mental conservation throughout the area.  All of these benefits will enhance the quality of life for the residents and visitors of St. Lucie County.

Project Costs

Engineering: $95,000

Unfunded Construction: $1,500,000 ‐  Unfunded

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