solar powered pond aerator

Project Summary

Expansion of a pilot program to install solar powered pond aerators, coupled with aquatic plants for nutrient bio-assimilation to intensify nutrient reduction in existing wet ponds. Aeration devices are typically placed in wet ponds to aid in the circulation of water, reducing stagnant areas. By increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water column, algal growth is suppressed. When coupled with a flocculant, there is potential to reduce nutrient loads in the discharged water leaving the system.  The County is currently experimenting with a solar powered pond aerator in the wet pond at the White City Citrus Hammock Preserve.  If proven successful, there exists potential to repeat this modification to many more of the County’s stormwater ponds over the years to come.  This funding would allow for purchase, installation, and maintenance of these solar aeration devices.

Project Benefits

This hybrid system may assist the County towards meeting nutrient allocations and complying with state mandated requirements pursuant to the Department of Environmental protection’s Total Daily maximum Load (TDML) for the St. Lucie River.  By utilizing County owned and maintained parcels, this may be performed at a much faster and reduced cost in comparison to construction of new stormwater systems, or acquisition of new properties.

Project Costs

Total Cost: $2,500,00

Current Funding: $0

Unfunded Amount: $2,500,00